Board and Committee Members

Carmella Menolasino – President


Cissy Mayo – Vice President

I fell in love with horses at Age 3 when my parents took my older brother to ride. I bought my own horse at age 9. He was a Saddlebred in very bad shape at a Rental Barn in Knoxville. I rode and showed for Harold Sherrill for many years never having a nice show horse. But showing some very nice horses of his including Sweetest Story Ever Told, a 3 gaited mare, a fine harness horse and crazy ponies that might leap through the air or make a really nice show! Then I moved my horse to Chilhowee Park with Royce Cates. I lost that horse in the barn fire and purchased another young horse. Old Diamond the elephant that the zoo purchased from Ringling Brothers Circus was tethered in the concrete ring and we worked our horses around him. Not a lot of fun. Royce let me show horses for him including road horses under saddle. That was when only the trainers showed them. We beat all six or seven that were in the class. Then the trainers begin to put their young riders on to show them. I took about 15 years off to raise my girls then started showing back again. I have not stopped since and don’t intend to stop anytime soon. This is a sport that feeds my soul with the American Saddlebred! They are amazing animals, and I wish everyone could have one. God gave me this love and has provided for me to continue for 65 years. I now have four that showed at the Southern Saddlebred Fall Finale this year. I am looking forward to 2021 and hoping we can have lots of shows! And a fantastic growing TN Futurity!

Jackie Arrowood Secretary / Registrar

As the daughter of an equestrian rider I was born into horses. My mom had Saddlebreds before I came into the picture, but I never had one growing up. It was not until I met my husband, Jamie Arrowood, that I was introduced to the awesome breed. We met in 2015 and married in 2016. Since then I have learned so much. I had some experience training horses but not a lot. Now I am the wife of a trainer and everything that go with it. I am excited to help grow the breed through the futurity.

Laura Green – Treasurer


Scott Byerley – President of ETSA / Futurity Committee Member


Jamie Arrowood – Committee Member

My dad, Curtis Arrowood, started raising Saddlebreds in 1984. In 1988 he quit his job to train, show, and farrier full time. I have always helped him in someway for as long as I can remember. In 1987 I tailed my first colt in show, I was 12.  We have been a team ever since. He has taught me everything I know. Recently I took over Arrowood Saddlebreds and continue to follow in his footsteps. Using his training methods, I specialize in training and showing futurity colts.

(423) 791-3842

Heath Hughes – Committee Member


Sarah Wood – Committee Member


Debbie Tolliver – Committee Member

I’ve been in the horse industry over 40 years. I started breeding and raising horses because I never could afford to buy the ones I truly wanted. As a breeder I have raised and sold many world champions and reserve world champions and tons of other very nice trainable athletic horses. To date I have never shown one that I raised to a world title, that is still one of my goals.