The following studs did not sell at auction and are available at their minimum bid price on a first come first served basis. To purchase a breeding contact:


Laura Green



Wing a Prayer $350 119301 Fresh cooled
Toy Train $350 118612 Live cover or Fresh cooled
Reggie’s American Heir $350 122506 Live cover
Pine Canyon $850 116616 Live cover or Fresh cooled
Nite of Nirvana $350 128748 Fresh cooled
Heir It Is $500 127999 Fresh cooled
Emeralds and Roses $350 106328 Live cover
Delirium $350 117705 Fresh cooled
CHC Passion and Success $350 123751 Fresh cooled
CHS La Vida Royale $350 129496 Fresh cooled
 A Nutter Star $350 125043 Frozen
Common’s Native Firestone $350 129011 Pasture





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