We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who donated a breeding and to those to bid in our auction.


These outstanding stallions are still available. You can still purchase them at the minimum bid price on a first come first serve basis. Click the link below for a list and instructions. This opportunity ends February 28th 2021 at midnight.


     Stallion  List     


I will check every evening for stallions that have been bought during that day. In the even more than one person has put in to buy a breeding to a certain stud I will award it to the one that was received first based on the time stamp.




TN Futurity Limited Breeders’ Stallion Auction







New Forms

We have updated our nomination form. Please use the new form for 2021 and fill it out completely. There is a on-line version and a printable version. Click here for the link to both.

For Your Convenience


Digital Online Forms

We have made a digital copy of all our forms. If you feel one out and are unsure if it has been received please contact me either by e-mail or text

Jackie Arrowood



Who are you?


In an effort to update our futurity we are asking you update us with your personal information. To update your information click here. Thank you!


Rules and precautions during the shows

During any of our sponsored gatherings we respectfully ask everyone to please wear a mask while in side and practice social distancing.